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World Dance Entertainment


photos by TJ Sinsay


**for Polynesian/Luau Entertainment alone, please click “Polynesian Ent” link at left”

Fire Fan Performance $75 ($50 with package)

Solo Performer

1 Dance

No Audience Participation


Belly Dance Gram $150

Solo Performer

2 Dances

No Audience Participation

10-15 min. show


Tehani’s Belly Dance (Cabaret/Fusion/Theme) Performances $200

*A longer Belly Dance Gram with audience participation

Solo Performer

3-4 Dances

Includes Audience Participation

20-30 min. show


Tehani’s Around-The-World Show $250

Solo Performer

Dances from Polynesia, Latin America, Middle East and Contemporary America

Includes Audience Participation

30-45 min.

*add fire poi for $50


*prices do not include mileage fee for shows outside of 20mi radius (location in Long Beach CA)


sbifa floor

Dancing Tehani.com   (562) 230-9194  P.O. Box 15653  Long Beach, CA 90815  DancingTehani@gmail.com