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Spirit Dance*

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Spirit Dance is a unique blend of inspired intentional movements and integrated sacred dance practices from around the world.  Created by Reiki Master and World Champion Dancer, Tehani, this series is largely based on her research and study of spiritual dance traditions at their places of origin in over a dozen countries.  The purpose of Spirit Dance is to layer and align the physical body back into our rituals, meditations and spiritual practices - enhancing our experiences by honoring the lower chakra (physical) experience as equal to the upper chakra (transcendental) experience to facilitate a greater sense of wholeness and harmony in our holistic bodies.  Feel the radiance that is you through conscious movement. 

This class is a low-impact and all-levels class.  No dance experience is necessary.  Please dress comfortably. 



Join world champion dancer, Shamanic-Reiki Master, sacred dancer and certified drum facilitator, Jennifer Tehani Sarreal, on a journey through movement, sound and spirit.  Based on her research on the cross-cutural link between performance art and meditation in over a dozen countries, this 3-hour intensive workshop provides the practical tools and exercises to promote a greater sense of peace, holistic well-being, self-love, empowerment and presence through the synergy of consciousness and art.  All exercises in movement and rhythm are low-impact, easily executed and no experience of dance or drumming is required.  Please dress comfortably and arrive with an open heart.  Yoga mats and drinking water are recommended. 



Tehani is a top Reiki Master (ranked within the Top 3 in Los Angeles by Thumbtack), shamanic healer with training at their source origins in over a dozen countries, sacred dancer with both the education in neuroscience behind social emotional arts and training in movement rituals around the globe, a world champion performer, published writer, clear channel for the Extra-Dimensional Realms and the creator of the Sacred Spirit Dancer’s Method dedicated to serving the planet and humanity through her joy of service. 

As a natural empath and psychic medium, Tehani utilizes both her crystal clear communication style and creative background to provide her clients with not only the insight to view the picture of their lives from a perspective of self-love and empowerment, but she provides the practical advice and tools required to paint their highest visions of themselves into reality.

Specializing in trance channeling, mediumship, earth and sky healing work, mysticism, movement meditation, star being connections, interdimensional communication, soul current and past life connections, hands-on healing training, rites of passage, ritual, coaching and spiritual counseling.  Tehani delivers messages from Spirit in a style that is compassionately straightforward, heart-centered and empowering.





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Spirit Dance Workshops/Classes and Certification Programs available at Z Fabrique in Belmont Shore, the Muck in Fullerton, the Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes, the Gateway in West Los Angeles (summer 2016), the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, retreats in Joshua Tree and expanding to more wellness centers near you.  Spirit Dance & Drum also available at numerous non-profits serving the healing and wholeness of survivors everywhere. 




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