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Art Talks, Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Talks & Presentations Advocating Action Towards the Better World We All Envision through Art

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Tehani with a women’s group in Tamil Nadu, India


(featured presentations)

**Spirit Dance**

A cross-cultural anthropological look at the link between movement and  spiritual traditions around the world.  From the expressions of the  spirit of the Maori to the wordless Kathakali of Kerala to the Orixas of Candomble in Bahia, we explore the use of dance and movement in both  personal and communal spiritual practice.  Presentation includes photos  and interviews Tehani had conducted with practitioners and performers  around the world. 


**Artists for Action**

Professional artists who have personal and professional connections to their subject matter present and discuss their visual and performance art on progressive causes in this eclectic showcase.  Concluding with a forum discussion on current local societal and cultural challenges, these presentations are aimed to cultivate more proactive approaches to bettering our communities.  Past presenters include Joyce Okazaki (whose childhood photo is on the cover of Ansel Adams’ book documenting Manzanar during WWII), Patricia “Poetic” Poston’s spoken word on the reality of political art and Jose Loza’s city/county murals depicting the realities and beauty of the communities they share their radiance with.


**In My Bones: The Dance as Keeper of History**

History is constantly changed by the teller and dances evolve into new forms, but the body never lies.  Every stress felt, every moment of elation, every physical push is recorded in the body and we walk around with these physical libraries of information on this planet.  The dance holds the same role in our history as record keeper.  The base structures of dance movements and rhythm cadences tell the stories of people, their tribes, their beliefs and their way of life.  Following the animistic traditions of hula kahiko to the birthing rituals of belly dance to the griots’ stories in West African dance to the deities that embody the dancers of the Kathakali - the dances may evolve over time, but the stories, the energy and the meaning remain through the ages.  Dance and music are capacious and beautiful keepers of history, just as powerful as oral tradition.  We explore the rich cultures and folklore through dance movement, musical chords and the visceral storytelling of the senses. 


**Move Me: Movement Meditations from Around the World**

This experiential presentation includes methods and tools extracted from dance rituals, movement meditations and spiritual traditions involving dance around the world.  Based on research and study on dance movement ritual and meditation in over a dozen countries, this secular presentation provides cultural context, the science behind transcendental states of being and the richness of wellness available through movement, breath and focus. 




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Spoken Word Piece/Intro to Arts Heroes Video: I_Knew_A_Guy... (click)

“Sharing the Vision with Social Art” at Goddess Temple of Orange County:[uploading]

“Miagaoanon Address” at the Hyatt in Long Beach: MIAGAO_SPEECH (click)


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