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Art Talks, Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Talks & Presentations Advocating Action Towards the Better World We All Envision through Art

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Tehani with a women’s group in Tamil Nadu, India


**Spirit Dance**

A cross-cultural anthropological look at the link between movement and  spiritual traditions around the world.  From the expressions of the  spirit of the Maori to the wordless Kathakali of Kerala to the Orixas of Candomble in Bahia, we explore the use of dance and movement in both  personal and communal spiritual practice.  Presentation includes photos  and interviews Tehani had conducted with practitioners and performers  around the world.  Three different presentations available (three to  four different countries are covered in each presentation).


**The Art of Passion**

Following social art movements throughout history to present times, The Art of  Passion highlights the role of performance art as a vehicle for  progressive social change in our communities as well as inspiring  national and international solidarity of humanitarian convictions.  From the songs of the Civil Rights movement to speakers such as Angela Y  Davis with voices like megaphones to books written abroad by prisoners  of consciousness and finally hip hop’s emergence as a social movement  and its evolution, we see the power art has to inspire people to action  of compassion and create a sense of community through common cause -  above social, political and color lines.  A handout of resources  (reading materials, video, websites and music) on art as a social  movement provided at this presentation at request.


**Fair Trade: Local Action, Global Vision**

Discover the power we have as consumers to promote fair and equitable trade  around the globe.  The decisions made with our dollars make a world of  difference to those in need.  From the arts and crafts we purchase to  where we drink our coffee, with our interconnected world, there is  always a direct impact on other people.  Learn what Fair Trade is, the  questions to ask, who it affects, the humanitarian issues at the fore  and the small practical actions we can take together to end  exploitation.




**Interview clips can be found on Press and Video pages**

3/27/09 Spoken Word Piece/Intro to Arts Heroes Video: I_Knew_A_Guy... (click)

12/27/09 “Sharing the Vision with Social Art” at Goddess Temple of Orange County:[uploading]

11/26/10 “Miagaoanon Address” at the Hyatt in Long Beach: MIAGAO_SPEECH (click)


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